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Guide to Jurassic Story for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Jurassic Story is a new zoo building game for the iOS platform, sort of like a cartoonish version of Jurassic Park. It actually plays quite a bit like Dragon Story and Tiny Dragons, where you hatch dinosaurs, build habitats, and breed them to get new rare and exotic species for your collections. You can feed them and build decorations for them as well, and collect lots of coins along the way to building a great dinosaur habitat. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jurassic Story!

You have a limited number of habitats that you can build at any given time, so don’t waste any more of them than you have to on the beast habitat. The beat habitat can only earn a maximum of 100 coins at a time before it stops earning coins, so the only thing that it is any good for is completing quests, unless you play the game 24/7. The Longneck habitat and the sea habitat earn 10,000 and 7,500 coins at a time, respectively, so fill up with those if you are going to fill up your habitat.

There is a lot that you can buy in the game, but most of it can’t be unlocked until you gain more levels by gaining more experience points. Luckily, the game is rigged so that you will gain a level before you finish all of your level quests, so concentrate on finishing the level quests, and the levels will pile on rapidly.

Once you unlock the breeding lab, use that to breed rarer and rarer monsters and put them in your existing habitats. However, for the purposes of coin collection, you should still fill the habitats with base level dinos while you are waiting for your breeds to finish. Sell the base level dinosaurs once the breeds are done.

The beast habitat is the best for quests where you have to collect a highly specific number of coins (22 coins, 99 coins, 11 coins, etc), because the coin meter fills up quickly, so that you can simply sit there with the menu open and keep track of it. Also, if you have a quest where you need to collect coins a certain number of times from a habitat or a coin pot, simply collect 1 coin every single time, so that you can rapidly finish out the quest.