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Guide to Dragon Skies for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Dragon Skies is a new dragon raising game for the iPhone and other iOS platforms with a twist. In general, it picks up where games such as Dragon Story and Little Dragons leave off, in that you hatch dragons of various different elements, raise them and then breed them to create new, rare and even legendary species of Dragons. You train them, though, and each training session is a flying mini game that resembles an endless runner. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Skies!

Normally you have to wait for a long time in order for your dragon eggs to hatch or for certain buildings to finish being constructed. However, getting around this waiting period is pretty easy. Simply go to your phone or other device’s settings, then go to your date and time settings and set the time ahead by however much extra time you need to hatch the egg, complete the building, or knock down the tree or rock. Then, complete it and change the time back to normal.

The same trick can be used to make money quickly using your occupied dragon habitats. Collect from the dragons first, then set the date and time ahead by however much you need to in order to collect all of the necessary coins, then go back to the game and collect from all of the habitats. This amount of time can differ based on the type of habitat and the maximum amount of coins that it holds.

To figure out how much each habitat can hold before you have to collect from it, go to the habitat menu in the shop and tap on each individual habitat that is available to you. For example, the wood habitat can hold up to 500 coins before it must be collected from, but the magic habitat can hold up to 6,000 coins before you have to collect from it. Try to build more of the habitats that hold a high max amount of coins, and fill them with dragons accordingly.

To make some more space in your dragon island without blowing large amounts of coins to get rid of trees and rocks, sell all of those Viking houses that are in the island when you first begin the game. They don’t serve any practical purpose, so there is no need to have them taking up space unless you want to keep them around for decorations.