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Dragons World – Dragon Breeding Guide: How to breed any dragon in the game

Dragons World is a game where you can buy dragons, breed dragons, and battle them. You get an almost unlimited amount of dragons that you can buy and breed, but the best ones are also the toughest ones to get. Dragons can be one of many elementals, or they can be up to four elementals at a time. Read on for a guide on how to breed all of the dragons in the game!

The starter dragons are the earth and fire dragons, which can both be purchased in the store. As you go you will also unlock the Nature Dragon, the Water Dragon, Wind Dragon, Air Dragon, Magic Dragon, Light Dragon, and Twilight Dragon. These will all be available for purchase using gold when you unlock them. The rest can be purchased using crystals later on, or bred in the Breeding Cave. NOTE: For the below list, if you want to breed opposing elements (such as fire and water), you’ll need to have at least one of the dragons be a hybrid (such as a lava dragon and a water dragon).

There are all sorts of combinations that you can do in the Breeding Cave. They are the following:
Lava Dragon = Fire Dragon and Earth Dragon
Tropical Dragon = Nature + Fire
Grass Dragon = Nature + Earth
Fruit Dragon = Nature + Earth
Predatory Dragon = Fire, Earth and Nature (any combination – for example, an Earth Dragon and a Tropical Dragon can make a Predatory Dragon)
Flower Dragon = Fire + Nature
Spring Dragon = Fire + Nature

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Steam Dragon = Fire + Water
River Dragon = Earth + Water
Ferocious Dragon = Fire, Earth, Water (any combination)
Tortoise Dragon = Earth, Water
Water Lily Dragon = Nature, Water
Coral Dragon = Nature + water
Swamp Dragon = Earth, Nature, Water (any combo)

Phoenix Dragon = Air + Fire
Rock Dragon = Earth + Air
Snow Dragon = Air + Water
Dandelion Dragon = Nature + Air
Agile Dragon = Fire, Air, Nature (any combo)
Desert Dragon = Air, Fire, Earth
Chinese Dragon = Fire, Water, Air
Butterfly Dragon = Air, Nature

Magic Fire Dragon = Fire + Magic
Crystal Dragon = Earth + Magic
Obsidian Dragon = Fire, Earth, Magic
Brush Dragon = Magic + nature
Pearl Dragon = Water, Magic
Lake Dragon = Nature, Water, Magic
Wind Dragon = Air, Magic
Gryphon Dragon = Air, Magic

(NOTE: Read all the way through to page 3, as new dragons get added to the game sometimes, and when they are added, the breeding combos will be posted on page 3)

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