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Dragons World – How to breed rare and super rare dragons and the King Dragon

Dragons World lets you breed an almost unlimited number of dragons. You can buy normal dragons in the store (one element) with gold, then breed two-element rare dragons, three- and four-element super rare dragon, and more as you continue on. You can even breed the King Dragon, which is rare beyond rare. Read on to find out how to breed ’em all!

The rare dragons are very easy to breed. Simply breed two common one-element dragons, and you will almost always get a combination of the two. Some two-element dragons, though, are more rare than others – a good example of this would be the Steam Dragon, which is water and fire based. There is no special trick to these ones, though – just keep trying and eventually you will get the dragon you want.

Super rare, three-element dragons of any type can be a little bit dicey. You have to breed together one two-element dragon and one single-element dragon. You have a fairly small chance of getting what you want out of this, though. Usually, you’ll just end up with another dual-element dragon containing two of the three elements that you just bred. You can tell that you got what you want if the breeding area’s waiting time is unusually long (compared to your normal dragon breed).

Breed two dual-element dragons together to get your desired four-element dragon. Right now, there is only one four-element dragon in the game, which is the Aztec Dragon. These types of dragons are VERY rare and very tough to breed correctly. You’re far more likely to breed a two- or three-element dragon by accident instead. Again, there is no trick to breeding a four-element dragon. It’s all about rolling the dice, since there’s a built in percentage of a chance that you will get the dragon that you want.

Keep checking the updates in the app store(s). New dragons should be added to the game with future updates; therefore, make sure to keep checking back, because you’re bound to find far more rare dragons as you the game updates, especially four-element dragons.

The King Dragon cannot be bred early on in the game until you complete the right quests. You’re going to have to keep leveling up, keep maxing out your habitats to complete that particular quest, and then keep collecting gold (to complete the second step of the max habitat quests) then keep on doing the same thing over and over again. Only then will you unlock the ability to breed the King Dragon.

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