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Dragon Mania Legends – How to get the legendary dragons

Dragon Mania Legends is the second dragon-rearing game by Gameloft, and is one of the first to come out for Windows Phone as well as the usual devices (iOS, Android). In this game there are a TON of dragons and classifications for dragons, mostly ordinary and rare, but they go up to super rare and epic, and finally legendary. Legendary dragons are easily the most sought-after in the game, but they can be the toughest to get. Read on to find out how to get legendary dragons in Dragon Mania Legends!

Breeding them is the tough part, because you never know what combinations you are going to need in order to find them. The prevailing wisdom is to use a combination of any four dragon types – so it doesn’t matter what you use, if that’s true. Post your breeding combinations in the comment box as you discover them, and we’ll add them to this article.

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Look out for the limited time breeding dragons as well, because after their time is up, they go away. The dragon of the month is a legendary, and that’s what Archangel is at the moment right now. He’ll go away once this time is done. Next month there will be another legendary that will be available to breed. As for the rest of them, they will always be there.

The most surefire way to get any of the legendary dragons is simply to buy them in the store. All of them are very expensive, though, to the point where the required gems to buy ONE legendary dragon usually resides anywhere between 100 and 110 dollars (or the equivalent in whatever your nation’s currency is). Buying the dragons is only worth it if you are a HUGE spender or are extremely rich.

Legendary dragons can be housed only in the legendary habitat. This, too, costs a ton, but it costs 600,000 gold rather than costing gems, making it easier to stomach purchasing one. You can put two at a time in there, at least until you upgrade it.

Once you get two or more Legendary dragons, try sticking them both into the breeding area and breeding them. Report back if the breeding actually works (nobody has actually tried it yet, so it is currently unclear if it’s going to do anything or not).