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Dragon Mania Legends: How to get all of the boss dragons

Dragon Mania Legends is the multi platform sequel to Dragon Mania, and this one features loads of dragons that you can breed and earn. You have battles that you can fight as well, including fighting against the extremely tough Boss Dragons, which can seem very tough to acquire. Read on for some tips and tricks for earning the boss dragons in Dragon Mania Legends!

When you are in the single player battles, you will fight a Boss Dragon every so often. Until you beat one, you will not be able to breed or buy it in the stores. After you beat a dragon, it will lose its will to fight and then it will be willing to join you. Then you will find it in the store.

You won’t be able to use them in battle, but for each one that you have around, they will increase the coin earnings of all of the other dragons. They will roam free, but you can also buy the Boss Habitat if you are a big baller, and this habitat can house the Boss Dragons.

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It’s currently unknown whether or not you can actually breed the Boss Dragons, but if you, the readers, successfully breed one, let me know down in the comments. The one surefire way to get them is through the store, with gems, but here are the potential breeding combinations for the Boss Dragons:

Mr. Popsicle = Wind + Water
Atlas = Earth, Water, Energy
La Fontaine = Fire, Water, Energy
Crankster = Metal, Wind, Energy
Brickon = Energy, Rock
Gasper = Wind, Void, Metal

The Oddest = Water, Plant
The Sludge = Void + Energy + Water
Venomina = Plant, Fire, Energy
Triad = Rock, Metal, Plant
Thunder Wolf = Energy, Metal
Korloth = Fire, Energy, Void