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Dragon Mania Legends – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dragon Mania Legends is Gameloft’s newest dragon-rearing game. Unlike the original Dragon Mania, this one is available for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, but like the previous one the premise is similar. You can raise literally hundreds of dragons, from common to rare to epic to legendary, send them into battle against evil vikings and other players, and take over the entire archipelago and use it to raise dragons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Mania Legends!

Most of what you do in this game will require coins, and the surest way to earn coins is to max out on your total number of habitats. Do that as soon as possible, and fill all of your habitats with dragons. Feeding your dragons will level them up, and the higher their experience levels, the more coins that they will earn you per hour.

When in battle against other dragons, pick an attack and then pay attention to the color of the ring that appears below your competitors’ dragons. If it’s green, that means the attack is extra strong against them, and if it’s red, it’s weak. In addition, dragons always attack from bottom to top, so make sure to target the dragons that haven’t attacked yet in the current round so that you can knock them out before they get the chance to attack.

Breed your dragons for a chance to earn rare hybrid dragons. Usually, common hybrids will appear, but after enough time, the rares will begin to appear. It’s possible to breed legendaries as well, but your dragons need to be at a very high level before you send them to the breeding ground. The higher the level, the better the chance at earning a rare or a legendary dragon.

The higher that you rank in the arena, the better the prizes that you get, and you can either use focus attacks or standard attacks. Focus attacks take far less time to pull off, because they increase your attack by 50% but they also require you to spend three energy to use them. Use one focus attack and aim at a higher-ranking rival than you would ordinarily go for. This will allow you to jump ranks faster than using three normal attacks would, although it also leaves you open to getting dethroned by a higher level player.

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Want to earn free gems without having to spend real money for them? Your best bet, aside from the quests, is to go for the achievements, which are denoted in the menu behind the trophy icon. Go there to see what you have to do to complete achievements, or to collect the prizes for the ones that you have already finished.