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Dragon Mania Legends: How to get free gems

Dragon Mania Legends is the Gameloft sequel to the original, a game that was exclusive to the Android platform. Dragon Mania Legends, unlike its predecessor, is available for all of the mobile platforms. This game has multiple types of currency, and true to form, gems are the premium currency of the game. Read on to find out how to get more gems for free without having to spend any real life money in the IAP store!

The most obvious way to do so is by the quests that pop up all throughout the game. Many of them will provide gems as a reward when you complete them, especially the quests that involve breeding certain types of rare dragons. Not all of them will, but even the ones that don’t will open up new quests, many of which will result in earning gems.

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Complete achievements for free gems. Check out the achievements by tapping on the trophy icon and the achievement list will pop up, so that you can see what you have already completed and what you need to complete. These tend to be a bit more grind-oriented than the quests, but are still more than worth it.

Tap on the icon above the achievements to open up the Dragon Codex. The goal here is to build a collection of a certain group of dragons, and once you have that entire collection completed, you will earn free gems as a reward.

Check out the limited time events, as these are one of the best ways in the entire game to earn large amounts of free gems. Of course, they can also be one of the most difficult as you are typically competing against other players when you participate in these events.

Go to the Mystic Cave and the Pirate Ship after you unlock them and explore for a good shot at free gems. Also, look out for random little treasure boxes to appear around the battle map. Whenever you tap them, you will earn one or two free gems.