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Dragon Mania Legends – Breeding Guide: Full list of all breeding combinations, page 2

War Dragon: Metal + Fire
Venom Dragon: Metal + Plant
Armored Dragon: Metal + Earth
Razor Dragon: Metal + Wind
Cyborg Dragon: Metal + Earth
Mercury Dragon: Metal + Water

Rust Dragon: Metal, Water, Fire
Regal Dragon: Wind, Metal, Water
Black Armor Dragon: Metal, Earth, Wind
Coral Dragon: Metal, Plant, Water
Plasma Dragon: Fire, Energy
Geiger Dragon: Earth + Energy

Eel Dragon: Water + Energy
Honey Dragon: Plant + Energy
Tesla Dragon: Energy + Metal
UV Dragon: Energy + Metal
Rainbow Dragon: Energy + Water
Meteor Dragon: Energy + Fire

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Brick Dragon: Energy + Earth
Lightning Dragon: Energy + Wind
Ruby Dragon: Energy, Earth, Fire
Geyser Dragon: Energy, Fire, Water
Clay Dragon: Earth, Water, Energy
Ironcast Dragon: Metal, Fire, Energy

Banana Dragon: Energy, Plant, Water
Emerald Dragon: Plant, Energy, Earth
Golden Crow Dragon: Energy, Metal, Plant
Tiger Dragon: Energy, Plant, Fire
Lumino Dragon: Void + Fire
Rain Dragon: Water + Void

Nightshade Dragon: Plant + Void
Witch Dragon: Energy + Void
Mist Dragon: Void + Wind
Shard Dragon: Void + Metal
Doom Dragon: Void + Energy
Jaws Dragon: Void + Water

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