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Dragon Mania – Full Breeding Guide and Combination List, Part 2

Energy Dragon + Plasma Dragon = Phoenix Dragon
Shadow Dragon + Wind Dragon = Cloud Dragon
Light Dragon + Metal Dragon = Golden Dragon
Light Dragon + Plant Dragon = Berry Dragon
Smoke Dragon + Light Dragon = Tesla Dragon
Shadow Dragon + Void Dragon = Doom Dragon
Shadow Dragon + Ironcast Dragon = Armored Dragon

Plant Dragon + Doom Dragon = Poison Ivy Dragon
Void Dragon + Water Dragon = Rain Dragon
Shadow Dragon + Light Dragon = Storm Dragon

Keep in mind that there are more possible combinations that can breed each of these dragons. If you breed one or two hybrids together, then you might end up with any random combination of two elements as your hybrid dragon (or any random combination of three elements, it depends on how many elements the dragons have that you are breeding together)

Also, there are still some combinations that have not been found yet. These include the Planet Dragon, the Ash Dragon, and the Cosmos Dragon. Feel free to jump into the comments section and post your combinations if you have found any of these seemingly impossible dragons.

Dragon Mania is constantly being updated by Gameloft, with special dragons being added off and on. Expect a big update to come when the game finally makes the jump to the iOS platform, so expect some new dragons to come with that update.

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