Brave Frontier: List of all Arena Ranks, Rewards, and required ABP

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Brave Frontier’s arena mode is one of your best shots at earning some rare prizes (or some free gems, which are always fun as well. Battle against other players in the Arena and you can earn arena battle points, or ABP, and when you reach certain ABP milestones, you’ll earn a reward. Read on for the full list of ranks in the arena and the rewards that you can get for attaining certain ranks!

Rookie is the rank that you start off with. Obviously, this requires no points and earns you no rewards. You earn Novice with 500 ABP, and you’ll earn one gem as a reward.
Amateur is earned at 1200 ABP and earns you a Mech Sword.
Warrior is earned at 2000 ABP and earns you a Flesh Armor.
Contender is earned at 3000 ABP and wins you another Gem.
Brawler is attained at 5000 ABP and earns you a Star Blade.

Heavyweight is earned at 8000 ABP and will earn you a Giant Stone.
Duelist is earned at 12000 ABP and will earn you another Gem.
Tactician is won at 15000 ABP, and along with that comes a Stealth Robe.
Commander is earned at 18000 and earns you a Thief Bracer.
Berserker is earned at 23000 points, and you’ll get another Gem.
Gladiator is earned at 28000 ABP, and you’ll earn a Sacred Jewel.
Champion is earned at 33000 ABP, and a Demon Robe is your reward.

Sage is earned at 38000 ABP, and your reward is another Gem.
Virtuoso is earned at 46000 ABP, and your reward is a Soul Spear.
Saint is earned at 54000 ABP, and you earn a Holy Crown.
Guardian is earned at 62000 ABP, and you earn another Gem.
Knight is earned at 70000 ABP, with a Glass Crown as a reward.
Dragoon is earned at 80000 points, and you’ll earn a Death Axe as compensation.

Titan is earned at 90000 ABP, and you’ll earn another Gem.
Juggernot is earned at 100000 points, with the reward being a Prized Cloth.
Behemoth is 110000 ABP, and the reward is a Hero Stone.
General is 120000 ABP, and a Gem is your reward.
Warlord is 130000 ABP, and a Star Helm is your reward.
Crusader, which is earned at 140000 ABP, earns you a Refined Gem.
Master, which is earned at 150000 ABP, earns you a Gem.
Hero, which is 160000 ABP, earns you a Divine Spear.
Legend, which is attained at 170000 ABP, earns you a Divine Stone.

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