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Brave Frontier: Arena and Vortex Gate Guide

Brave Frontier has three main battle modes (four once the raid boss mode gets added) that you can engage in. Quest mode is the main game mode, while the Vortex Gates are event quests that are limited time only. Arena Mode lets you battle against other players for supremacy, rank, and prizes. Vortex Gate and Arena are the more difficult modes, but they are far from impossible. Read on to find out how to beat both of these modes!

There are two types of dungeons in the Vortex Gates. There are the one-time-only dungeons, and the daily dungeons. Monday’s dungeon is the Congregation of Souls, which will earn you a large amount of Karma. Tuesday is the Enchanted Paradise which will earn elemental nymphs, spirits and idols (evolution materials). Wednesdays are the Cave of Desires, which will earn you Mimics (also evolution material). Thursday is the Oasis of the Gods, which earn Totems (evolution materials for four-star units). Friday is Hostile Relics, which earns extra experience points and crafting materials. Weekends are the Golden Vault, which earns large quantities of Zel.

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These daily dungeons, unlike the normal quest modes, will contain enemy units of all elements. Because of this, your party should generally consist of multiple elementals. You can have five party members, with six possible elementals; try to have as many different elemental types as you can, but the most important thing is to run the strongest party that you can. Put all of your best units in the party.

Even then, you’ll have a hard time winning most of the time, so enhance your main units using Fusion. Use your gems to get rare summons so that you can have the most four-star monsters possible. Evolve four-star units to get five-star units, and evolve your other, more common units to bring their rarity (and their statistics) up a notch so that they are more effective in battle. Bring healers with you as well – try to have at least one healer whose brave burst can save you items. Keep a huge stash of items, though, so that you can heal as needed, and even revive your fallen characters.

Your second Vortex Gate is the limited-edition event dungeon. These are usually organized by elemental. Make a special party that’s comprised solely of the elemental that’s strong against all of the enemy units in that dungeon. Yellow beats blue, blue beats red, red beats green, green beats yellow. Light and dark beat each other. Use fusion to bring all of your units up in power.

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