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Brave Frontier: Arena and Vortex Gate Guide, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Brave Frontier guide to the Arena and Vortex Gates! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Make as many orbs as you can with the crafting materials that you have. These provide statistical enhancements for one of your units. If you have enough materials, make spheres for your main party and your specialized parties; otherwise, save them for your main units. Of course, they can later be equipped and unequipped as you see fit.

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In the Vortex Gate battles, make the best use of your Brave Bursts, depending on what they do. Single-target attacks are especially effective against the toughest unit in the battlefield, or against the boss during the last battle. Healing moves are great at any time that you need some extra health (except for the Phoenix’s move, which regenerates health every time that you finish a tun). Multi-unit attacks are best at the beginning of the battle, so that you can target many enemies at a time. Save the Brave Bursts for their most appropriate times.

Some Vortex Gate battles will require 20+ energy just to start them. If your max energy is still under 20, that means you need to gain more experience, as every other level or so, you will earn one more max energy. Also, since energy is at such a premium, LOAD UP on items from your town (cures, attack boosts, defense boosts, revives, etc) before you enter these battles.

Arena battles are fought differently than any other battle in the game. In these, the entire battle, including the use of Brave Bursts, takes place automatically. Generally, though, you can get by on the same tactics used for the daily dungeons in the Vortex Gate, because since your opponent’s team will almost always consist of a mishmash of elementals, so should yours.

Your enemies will get tougher as you earn more ABP, or Arena Battle Points. However, if you don’t want to face off against the player who comes up after you hit the Enter button, hit the back button, then hit the Enter button again. A new player will pop up. Keep doing this until you find a player you want to play against. The lower the level and rank, the better, but the tougher players will also earn you more ABP for winning than the less tough players will.