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Brave Frontier: How to get rare and super rare units

Brave Frontier is a new fantasy RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with elements of card battling included within the gameplay. That being as it is, there are many tiers of units, from common (one star) to uncommon (three star) to rare (three star) and even super rare (four star) and above (five star). The rarer the units in your party, the more powerful that your party will generally be. Read on to find out how to get more rare units!

Two star units are surprisingly common – almost as much as one star units. Two star units pop up fairly frequently when you perform honor point summons. Your unit drops during dungeons are usually one-star units, but they will drop more frequently in the event dungeons (the Vortex Gate ones). Plus, if you evolve a one-star unit, it will become a two star unit.

If you evolve a two-star unit, it will become a three star unit. Three stars are far more rare. Look for them to drop during the more difficult Vortex Gate dungeons. You’ll sometimes see them drop during the honor point summons, but this doesn’t occur very often. They’ll sometimes drop when you do a rare summon, which requires you to pay five gems per summon that you do.

Evolving a three-star unit will turn it into a four-star unit. The chances of these dropping even during the toughest vortex gate dungeons are very very slim. Your best bet to get one of these is simply to pull off a rare summon, which will usually earn you the four star (super rare) card. Rare summons will also VERY uncommonly earn you a five star card. The most reliable way to earn a five-star card is to take a four-star card and pull off an evolution, which will turn it into a five star card.

Battling in the arena is also a great way to earn numerous rewards, including rare units. Each time that you rank up in the arena (which is done by collecting a set amount of ABP or arena battle points), you will earn a special reward. You won’t know what the reward is until you make it to the next highest rank. When raid bosses become available in Brave Frontier, expect them to earn you rare card rewards as well.