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Brave Frontier – Part 3 of the Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part three of the Brave Frontier beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Under the Units tab, you’ll be able to manage your party. Go to View Units to check out all of the information that you need. You’ll see their stats, their rarity and their types. Rarity is measured from 1 to 5 stars, with one star units being very common, and extremely rare 5-star units being almost impossible to find. Unit Types indicate statistical and Brave Burst bias – Lords are balanced, Anima have high health, Breakers have high attack, Guardians have high defense, and Oracles are healers with relatively weak statistics for their rarity and level.

Fusion is the only way to level up your units, since they don’t gain any experience points through battles. To fuse, you’ll pick one main unit and up to five sacrifice units. Each unit sacrificed will give experience to the gaining one, and as it gains experience levels, its stats will increase higher and higher. If you sacrifice a unit that has the same Brave Burst as the gaining unit, the gaining unit also has a chance to earn a Brave Burst upgrade.

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Once a unit is at its max level, it can evolve. Evolving units is done by sacrificing the right combination of elemental nymphs, icons, spirits, as well as (for rarer units) Mimics and Totems. These are units that can’t gain levels via fusion – when you earn them, SAVE THEM. You won’t know which evolution materials a specific unit needs until that material unit is part of your collection. Before that, it will merely show up as a question mark.

Evolving a unit will knock its level back down to 1, and erase all experience-related statistical gains – however, it will increase the rarity of said unit, as well as increase every one of this unit’s base stats. Finally, you can also sell units from the unit screen.

Two special kinds of units will often pop up during events – jewel units and metal units (in the form of ghosts, kings and gods). Metal units are best used in fusion as they will impart a HUGE quantity of experience to the gaining unit. Jewel units can be sold for high quantities of Zel.

Be sure to take advantage of the ability to create multiple squads in the “Manage Squad” screen. Your main squad should consist of your most powerful units, while your auxiliary squads should be based on element, since many of the quests and limited-edition vortex gates consist almost entirely of one single enemy element.

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