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Brave Frontier – Part 4 of the Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part four of the Brave Frontier beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part three of the guide.

The social component is a huge aspect of this game. You can earn honor points by using other player’s leaders in battle, but if it’s your friend’s leader, then you’ll earn double the honor points. You can send friend requests after every battle, including arena battles, so send as many as possible, and accept the requests that other players send you. As you gain experience levels, your maximum friend count will increase.

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You and your friends can send each other gifts, as well. If you want a specific gift (such as honor points), be sure to specify that in the request column. Send them gifts and they will be more likely to remember to send gifts to you.

Under the “special” tab, you can enter Serial Codes for special bonuses. Typically, they are given out to compensate players for contest rewards or for gems that have accidentally been lost – however, look for limited time promotions from the developers, because they can send out Serial Codes at any time.

In the Summon area, you can do two types of summons. 200 Honor Points earn you one Honor Summon, which typically earns you a 2-3 star card. Rare summons can be purchased with 5 gems apiece, and usually will earn you a super rare 4-star card. Go to the store to buy more gems (or Arena Orbs, Item Spaces, Energy Refills, and other things which cost you gems to buy), but try to save your gems for the rare summons.

Other options are in the Menu Area, which is in the Home tab. Go to the menu to read a more detailed FAQ on the game, as well as find links to the official Facebook and Wikia pages for the game. You’ll even find options for the game, which mainly deal with being able to turn the sound on and off. Plus, you can connect your account in the game to Facebook, which will allow you to save across multiple devices.

Now you are ready to master Brave Frontier! Become one of the top players in the game using this advice!