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I Am MT: Card Battle – Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the I Am MT: Card Battle beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Each time that you play a round in a dungeon, it costs you AP or energy (it’s called both of these in the game). The cost ranges from 5 AP for a normal dungeon, to 50 or more AP for an extremely difficult event dungeon. Your AP/energy regenerates over time, or it regenerates if you gain an experience level. Alternatively, you can also buy more AP using runes.

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Runes are the premium currency of the game, just as coins are the standard currency. Runes can either be purchased with real money through the app store, or won through the various rewards that you can earn, mostly for completing entire dungeons (there are 10 battles per dungeon).

Runes can be used to buy many things. Go to the store tab, and you can use them to purchase summons, energy/AP, or more slots with which to store cards, as well as to (later on, when you unlock the Arena) increase the PVP limit, or the limit to the number of friends that you can have. Which brings us back to the concept of helper cards.

Once per battle, you can pick someone else’s leader card to help you in battle. You have five normal battle slots, and the assisting leader card will be the sixth slot. After the battle is over, you can add the person who owns the card as a friend, and if you win the battle, you will earn 5 friend points, or FP. If the person is already your friend, you will win 10 FP for using their leader card.

FP can be used to get the card summons that can’t be bought with runes. The FP summons are also under the store tab. They are more likely to earn you common cards, as opposed to the rune summons, which are more likely to earn you rare cards. FP summons can also earn you card pieces, which are used to synthesize cards once you unlock the “synthesize” ability at level 10.

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