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I Am MT: Card Battle – Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

Welcome to part three of the I Am MT: Card Battle beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

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There are many ways to enhance your cards in the game. They begin at experience level 1 (although some drops are at higher levels later on), and you can use fusion and evolution to enhance them. With fusion, you pick one gaining card and six sacrifice cards, and then when you fuse, the sacrifice cards disappear, and experience points are given to the gaining card. When the gaining card gains levels, its attack and hit points are increased.

Each card has a maximum level that it can be upgraded to. For many cards (mostly 3-star and above), once they hit the maximum level, they will be eligible for evolution. In addition to the card being at its maximum level, you need to have the right armor set to be able to evolve a card. To see all of the armor sets, go to the “more” menu and tap on armor sets. Each set consists of 5 different pieces of equipment, which are dropped in the dungeons. Each dungeon only drops a certain type of equipment, though, so go to different dungeons to find different armor sets.

Some cards can evolve multiple times. Each evolution increases the quality of the card. The quality is denoted by the color of the card in the battle screens – purple being the lowest quality, followed by blue, then yellow, then white, which is the highest quality. Increasing a card’s quality also increases its star rating, which is an indicator of the rarity of the card. Once a card is white, you can evolve it again to get the ‘elite’ version of the card, which has a little golden dragon in the corner to denote that it’s an elite card.

Cards can be anywhere between 1 star and 7 stars. 2 and 3 star cards are the most common, while 5 and 7 star cards are about as rare as a narwhal in the tropics. However, they can still be acquired through both the rune summons and doing various events.

Events, as previously noted, consist of special dungeons that can be accessed via the ‘event’ tab in the dungeons area. These only last a limited amount of time, but they are your best chance to earn rare cards. Such prizes often include Sunflowers and Pumpkins as well as other cards whose sole purpose is to be used as a sacrifice card. These sacrifice cards can earn between 10,000 and 50,000 experience points for the gaining card when they are used as sacrifices, but they are useless for anything else.

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