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I Am MT: Card Battle – Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of the I Am MT beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 3 of the guide.

Other event-specific cards that pop up include cards that you can sell for massive amounts of coins. You can sell any card for coins, but typically they will earn you a few hundred coins, or a few thousand for rarer cards. However, cards such as the Golden Dragon Whelp will earn you 10,000 to 50,000 coins whenever you sell them. Again, that’s about all that they are good for.

Each card has four different types of abilities. These include the normal skill, the initiative skill, the passive skill and the leader skill. Normal skills are the basic attack or healing move, while initiative skills are special moves that have more of an effect. Passive skills are boosts that are given to the party for having that card included, while leader skills are an even more special version of the previous skills.

Once you unlock the academy, you can take a card that has no leader skills and teach it a leader skill. If a card already has a leader skill, you can delete that skill and teach it a brand new one.

You’ll also notice that passive skills and leadership skills have a level, if you look at a card’s profile. This means that those skills can be upgraded. To do this, use the card as a gaining card for a fusion, and then find sacrifice cards that have the same passive and/or leadership skills. Fuse them together, and there’s a chance that the skills could be leveled up, thereby increasing their effectiveness both in and out of battle.

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Once you get to level 30 you unlock the academy, and at level 35, you unlock the Arena, which allows you to engage in player vs player battles. You have four different arenas, based on the previously mentioned card qualities, and you have different difficulty levels for each arena. The method of play is the “king of the hill” method, where you try to take over an arena. If the arena is occupied, then you have to knock off the player who has occupied it. If you take it over, then you can be knocked off once another player beats you.

When you are in the arena, you have five free chances per day. You can also buy inspiration buffs, which increase your attack and your hit points.

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