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How to play HellFire for Android and iOS (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the HellFire beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Go to the “creatures” menu and that’s where you can really manage your game and have fun with your cards. From here, you can either reinforce or evolve each card. Click on reinforce, and you can use your selected card as a base card, and pick as many other cards as you want for mixer cards. These cards will all contribute to a level gain, meaning increaased HP and attack, for your base card.

Evolution, of course, alters the form of the card, and powers them up. There are four forms that you can evolve each card to, and if you hit the fourth and final form, the rarity level (which is measured in the lower right corner of the card, by the stars) increases by one. You always want your card that’s completed the most evolution steps to be the base for this one, rather than the mixer.

Check out deck and you can strategically edit your deck, which contains nine cards. The nine cards are separated into three fireballs, with three cards apiece. Each fireball (row) should have a different dominant element, but the freedom of choosing elements is up to you. The more powerful your cards in each row, the more powerful each fireball will be.

Summon, of course, brings up the ability to get new cards. With the Ally summon, you will usually get common (one star) and uncommon (two star) creatures, but with the magic summons, you can get three, four and five star creatures. Magic summons cost either 100 Magic Jewels each (which you can earn from completing a boss battle in Mission mode) or 300 Fire Coins (the premium currency of the game) each. There are additional premium summons here when events are going on, but what they are depends on the event.

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That’s all for the beginner’s guide to HellFire! Enjoy!

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