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Guide to HellFire for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

HellFire is a new card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms by DeNA/Mobage, but with a new twist. In this game, you take a much more hands-on role to combat than you do in your typical card battling game. This game plays similarly to other card battle games for the most part, except for one critical exception, which is the hands-on battling system. Your card power is expressed in the form of fireballs, which you can then swipe at the enemy in order to do damage, defeat them and complete quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for HellFire!

While you start off with three different types of fireballs (one fire, one earth and one water), your fireballs change element, shape and form each time that you edit them. For example, if you add in one red, one blue and one green card to the same fireball, it will look like all three fireballs. In addition, the element advantages will all cancel each other out, but so will the element weaknesses. So whether you want to do single or multi elemental fireballs really depends on your style of play.

To add a lot of allies quickly, go to the allies screen in the main menu and go to the search area. The minimum number of letters that you can search is 3 letters, so search something like “net” or “chr” or “bro” or some combination of three letters that could concievably be used to begin a lot of names or words. Add every single person that you find on the results page, or for more power, simply add all of the higher leveled people.

Try your best to evolve a card to its full evolution stage before you begin reinforcing it. When you reinforce a card at the beginning stage, then evolve it, it will lose most of the power that it gained, but if you evolve it first and then reinforce it, then you will be able to add a large amount of power to it.

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