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How to play HellFire for Android and iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to HellFire for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android, as well as other iOS platforms! This is a new card battle game on the Mobage network, but the main difference between this and other card battle games is the battle system. Whereas missions are not interactive at all in most card battling games (nor are boss fights), in this one you get to participate in shootouts with enemies all while trying to keep in mind the elements at hand. Read on for the beginner’s guide to HellFire!

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The first and main mode in the game is the Mission mode. In mission mode, you have a number of worlds to play through – for example, the first world is Ethea and the second is Eberdawn, and so on and so forth. Each world will be separated into five areas, which are then separated into three chapters (two normal missions and one boss battle apiece).

Elements play a big role in not only the battle system, but in your strategy too. Fire, water, earth and death are the main elements in the game, with fire being strong against death, death being strong against earth, earth being strong against water, and water being strong against fire. In the worlds, four of the five areas in each world will have a particular elemental affiliation. The color of the area shows its affiliation, while the fifth world (the yellow one) is completely neutral.

In battle, these affiliations control how much damage you do. If you hit a blue enemy with a green element, for example, you’ll do twice the damage, but if you hit a green enemy with a blue element you will do half the damage.

In each of the first two chapters per each area, you will have three waves that you will have to get through, and your rewards for beating them will be a number of monster cards (anywhere between zero and about eight cards, depending on the battle). The final chapter will be a boss battle with only one wave to get through. If you defeat the boss card, all of the other enemy cards on that chapter will disappear as well.

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