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How to play HellFire for Android and iOS (part 2): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the HellFire beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

You have two different ways of being helped out in each of the missions. Either random wanderers come by an attack an enemy, or an ally randomly attacks an enemy. When a wanderer attacks, then at the end of the battle, you will be prompted by the game to add the wanderer as one of your allies. Add the wanderer and once they respond to your add request, you will be their ally.

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When choosing your ally at the beginning of the chapter, there will be three different outcomes. If you have yet to pick that ally today, you will earn 20 Ally Points, which are used to summon a new card. If you pick one that has already been picked that day by you, it will attack enemies for you but it will not earn you any ally points. If you pick an inactive ally, it will earn you nothing and do nothing.

Each battle that you do costs energy, and earns you experience points. Experience points will increase your “rank”, which will cause you to level up as the game goes on. Energy runs out gradually, but it’s very difficult to make your energy run out completely, because it regenerates so quickly. You can essentially play the game for hours at a time without running out of energy.

Under the “allies” screen in the main menu is where you can add allies. There are two main ways to do such. The first one is to type in part of a player’s name in the search. It can be only three letters long, at maximum, leaving you free to type “moo” or “jon” or something, and bringing up every player ever whose username begins with that. This is the best way to add new allies in the whole game. You can also back out of that screen and go to the main menu, look by the vulcan archer’s feet at the treasure chest on the left. If there is a number by it, you have add requests that you can respond to.

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