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HellFire for iOS and Android Evolution and Reinforcement Guide: How to evolve and reinforce your monsters

In HellFire, as with almost every card battle game for the iPhone, iPad and Android, there are ways to power up your card beyond what level of power that they begin with after you find them or draw them. One way to do so is to reinforce your cards, which leaves the form the same but increases their attack and their HP. The other is to evolve them, which changes the form, changes the rarity, and increases both attack and hit points. Read on for a guide on evolving and reinforcing your cards!

Reinforcing your cards is a way to strengthen them without changing their form. The way to do this is first, to go to the creatures menu. Then, pick a card that you want to reinforce. This will be your base card. Once you do that, pick any number of mixer cards to be used to power up your base card. Once you do this, the mixer cards will disappear forever, and for each one sacrificed, your base card will gain experience points.

Each time that your base card levels up, it will gain a significant amount of both attack and hit points. Cards can be leveled up to nearly unlimited levels as long as you have the cards to do it. You can earn more good mixer cards (one star cards) by playing any non-boss missions.

Evolution is a way to not only enhance the attack and hit point power of a card, but also to change its form and even to increase its rarity. Each card has four forms. Evolve two of the same identical first forms together to get the second form. Evolve the second form and the first form together to get the third form. Evolve the third and the first form together to get the fourth form card. Once a card hits its fourth and final form. It’s rarity will increase by one single star.

When you are evolving cards, the card that is at its highest form should be a base card, and the card that is at its lowest form should be a mixer card. If a mixer card is at a higher form, then it will make no difference as far as the resulting affect on the base card goes, meaning a waste of a card. Also, if you evolve a card that has previously been reinforced, you will lose some of that extra attack and hp as your new card will go back to level 1.