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Kingdom Wars! for iOS and Android Evolution Guide: How to evolve your cards

Kingdom Wars for Android (also known as “Kingdom Wars!” on the iPad and iPhone) is a new card battle game from Mobage Inc, with some innovative aspects to the battle system. Instead of the usual battle system, your battles are dice-based, with one di rolled for each card, and the amount of damage that each card does depends on what is rolled. Other than that, your goal is to build a great deck of card, get rare cards, complete quests, join up with a guild and participate in big guild battles. Read on to learn all about evolving cards!

First of all, a card has to be evolvable in order to be able to take part in evolution. To find out if a card is evolvable, look at it in your card list when you click on “Synthesis” under Enhancement. Most of your cards will be evolvable, though, so there actually isn’t too much need for this, generally.

When you are in the same menu, go to the Evolution tab and you’ll have two options. One of them is to look at all of the monster recipes in the whole game, and the other one is to look at the monster recipes which you can put together to evolve right now, with the cards that you have.

Most of the evolutions in the recipe book are fairly straightforward, because they’re enhanced versions of other cards. A card can be evolved with itself 4 times, and you can tell which form it is by the name. For example, the four forms of Proud Knights are Proud Knight, Proud Knight+, Proud Knight++ and Ex. Proud Knight. Once your card reaches its 4th level, its rarity will go up by one star.

In the tutorial, when you are learning about evolution, you will be able to evolve two different types of cards into one completely different, unrelated, more powerful card. However, currently, none of the evolution recipes allow that, but those could be added to the game soon.

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