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Jewel Dragon for iOS evolution guide: How to evolve your cards

Jewel Dragon is a new card battling/match three puzzle game hybrid for the iPhone and iPod touch. Like in other match three games, you can match not only three, but four or five gems in one shot (or even string together big combo attacks). Being that this is a card battler though, your stringing together combos contributes to the attack damage you do against bosses and other bad guys. You also need the strongest deck of cards there is, and the ultimate way to have the best deck is by way of evolution. Read on for the guide on how to evolve your cards!

Almost every troop card that you have in the game will be able to evolve at some point. The only exceptions here are the cards with a maximum level of 1 with lousy statistics that are mainly good for being enhanced into other cards, such as Followers1, Dark Coin and Followers2. These cards are useful, though, so don’t enhance or sell them just yet.

To evolve a card, you must enhance it to its maximum level first. To figure out what a card’s max level is, go to the Manage Troop screen and tap the card that you want to find out about evolving. On the next menu, right under the current level you will see their max level. Enhance them until they are maxed out. Once they are maxed out, you can do the rest of the steps.

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The next step after maxing out the card that you want to evolve is to go to the ‘evolve card’ tab, which is two tabs down from Manage Troop. Tap on the card that you want to evolve and hit Select. The middle area will either show question marks in place of your evolver cards, or if you have the evolver cards, it will show them instead.

Evolver cards are the aforementioned ‘max level 1’ cards such as Follower1, Follower2 etc etc. To get more of the evolver cards, complete more missions, including missions that you have already done if you so choose to, and you will win them randomly at the end of the battles. As you keep earning evolver cards, keep on checking back under the evolve card screen and seeing if all of the question marks are gone.

Once you have all of the necessary evolver cards, you can pay the coins and evolve your card. Once you do it’s level will go back to 1 and its attack and hit points will drop very slightly, but its potential attack and hit points will increase massively.

Each evolution will cause an increase in rarity, as well. Many cards can evolve multiple times into multiple forms, making it possible to evolve a 1 star card all the until it becomes a 5 star card.


The complete guide to Jewel Dragon for iOS!