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Jewel Dragon for iOS: How to get more rare and super rare troop cards

In Jewel Dragon, cards are classified by a star rating, from one star to five stars. One star is considered to be the most common, easiest to find and least powerful card, while five stars are considered to be the most rare (and the most powerful) card. The more of the rare cards that you have in your team, though, the more powerful your team will be and the easier the time you will have once you get to the more advanced stages. Read on for tips on how to get more of the three, four and five star cards!

The first and most obvious way to get three, four and five star cards is to evolve your cards, but it’s also by far the (in my opinion) most time consuming way. Every time that you evolve one of your cards, it goes up in rarity by one, and you can evolve cards multiple times, theoretically making it possible to turn a one star into a five star card, eventually. There are much quicker ways to do it, though, since a card needs to be at its maximum level before getting leveled up.

Play the limited missions for a good chance at earning rare and super rare cards as a reward. You have a chance at earning them during regular missions, a well, but during limited missions the chance is much higher. Head over to the Missions section, then hit the “Limited” button in the upper right corner to access the limited edition missions.

Since you can also earn free gems as you go along in the game, save up your free gems. When you hit five of them, use them on a Golden Summon, which has a strong shot at earning you a rare card. Save up 50 gems to unlock the 11 Golden Summons, which gives you a 300% better chance at earning a super rare Cerberus card. Regular summons can randomly earn you rare cards as well, although the odds of that happening are a little bit more on the rare side.

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There are other bonuses that can earn you rare cards. For example, logging in for thirty days in a row will earn you 6 rare cards as a bonus, and other login bonuses have a shot at earning you rare cards. Refer your friends to the game to earn rare cards as a bonus.


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