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Montopia for iOS and Android: How to get Rare Cards

In Montopia for the iOS and Android platforms, you have five different rarities of cards that you can get. Your cards range all the way from one star cards, which are the most common, to the five star cards, which are the least common and the most powerful. Read on to find out how to get more rare cards!

Before continuing, first off, it should be noted that in this game, at least for the first 3 stars or even for the first four stars, rarity and power do not correlate on an exact basis. There are plenty of one-star, common cards that can be had from the MonstaMatic that are more powerful than almost any other card out there, including four star cards.

That said, it’s always good to have rare and ultra-rare cards in your deck. Many are more powerful, and many are just fun to have. The most obvious way is to go to the MonstaMatic and buy spins on the rare MonstaMatic with cash, which costs real life money, but spending cash is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

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Playing the regular MonstaMatic using the Monsta Points usually yields one star monsters, but rarely you can get a 2 or 3 star monster as a reward. Also, any time that you get a Special Ticket, first, go to the Monstapedia to claim it. Then, go to the MonstaMatic and a new one called the Special MonstaMatic will pop up.

It’s like the rare MonstaMatic, except that you will have to pay no cash for it, just the special ticket. Special Tickets come as a reward for many things, such as a daily login bonus (on the 7th day in a row), for participating in a special limited time event, or simply by checking your Notifications (which are in your More menu) and looking for anything from bonus events to simply giveaways to players.

You can trade gold cards and silver cards for rare monsters too. Both of these items be won through special events – they can never be bought. Once you earn one or both of them, go to the Swap Shop to trade them in for special monsters!

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