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How to play Little Masters for iOS: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Little Masters for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! This game is very simple, yet can be very tough. It takes the battle mechanics of the old school Pokemon games and turns them into a massively multiplayer monster battling fest, allowing players to make teams of 5 monsters and battle each other using GameCenter. You can catch the monsters, battle them to level them up, and then send them out against other trainers. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Little Masters!

As you start off the game, your first task will be to choose a monster. Your first choices are the fire type Pyreft, the water type Sealap and the plant type Dodeed. Don’t fret too much over which one you pick now, because you will be able to catch all of them later on.

When you battle, you will have one attack or skill to start off with, but as you level your monster up, you can get up to 4 attacks total. These moves will either be normal attacks (physical attacks), special attacks, or stat boosters or drainers (something that will either increase a stat of yours, or decrease the stat of an enemy monster). If you win the battle, you will get a brand new monster egg that allows you to hatch the monster that you just beat.

When you get a monster egg, you can then put it in the hatchery, which you can access by tapping the left side of your house, where the open door is. You start off with one open nest for an egg, but you can unlock more of them by spending Gold Coins (10 gold coins for the second nest, 30 for the third nest, etc). When you put an egg in there, you have to wait 60 minutes for it to hatch. Once that time is up, you can then go back to the hatchery and hatch the egg, and either add it to your current party of monsters, or put it in your reserves.

Your party can consist of up to 5 monsters at a time. To pick which of the 5 monsters that you want in your party, tap on the guy who is standing in front of the hatchery. Your monster list will open up. Swipe down (to move the menu up) and an option will pop up allowing you to pick which of your monsters will be in the active party.

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