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Little Masters for iPhone: How to get more coins for free

In Little Masters for the iPhone, coins are the currency of the game. With coins, you can speed up the process of hatching new monsters, as well as buy more nest space that you can use for hatching. You can buy more coins with real life money, but it’s nothing that anybody really wants to do. It’s better to simply try and get coins for free. Read on to find out how to do just that!

One way to get free coins is to go into PvE battles (AKA: battles against the computer) and fight. Win the battle, catch a monster, and then hatch the egg. Once you hatch the egg, go to the monster management screen and sell the monster. Each monster that you sell earns you 1 free coin, so if you do this for awhile, not only will you get rid of a bunch of unwanted monsters, but you’ll slowly but surely increase your coin total as well.

Every so often, the old guy will pop back up asking you to do something for him as well (such as hatching a random monster). Go and hatch whatever monster that he asks you to, and you will be rewarded with 5 coins for your efforts.

Even better, if you go to the PvP (player vs player) battles, and you play them, you will earn 2 coins per match that you play and lose. Early on in the game, even if you keep getting destroyed on auto matches due to getting matched with higher-level opponents, simply keep going for them and fighting, so that you can earn those coins.

However, if you participate in a PvP match and win, instead of getting 2 coins, you’ll get 3 coins. Either way, though, participating in PvP matches is easily the quickest way that there is to earn more coins.

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