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Guide to Angel Salvation for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Angel Salvation is the type of game that Mobile Gamers didn’t know they wanted or needed before it existed, but now they know, because it’s addicting. It’s a card RPG and a match-3 puzzle game all rolled into one. In Angel Salvation, you can match anywhere between 3 and 5 gems in a row, and depending on the color of your gems and the type/color of your cards, your fighters will unleash attacks in the battles. It can become really difficult, really quickly, but read on for some tips and tricks for Angel Salvation!

One of the best battles strategies involves simply having the right formation befor you enter battle. You can have up to six cards in the formation. Instead of having six different color cards in the formation, have either two total colors (three cards of each color, or four cards of one color and two cards of the other) or three total colors (two of each), or something like that, so you can make bigger combination attacks, thus doing more damage at the same time.

It’s also highly recommended that your most prominent color be the same color as your most powerful and rarest card, so that you can do HUGE damage when you make a combo of three or more.

You can drag and drop a piece wherever and whenever you want, so instead of simply moving it by one or two spaces, drag it around to displace pieces more. Every pieces that it moves over, it will displace by one space, so it’s possible to completely rearrange the board using one or two spaces, and strategically make it far easier to land a match-4 or match-5 combo.

With enough speed and foresight, you can displace enough pieces to actually match 6 in a row. Doing this will earn you a GIGANTIC combo attack, and matching six white cross pieces in a row will heal almost all of your mana. By the same token, you can also create multiple combos in one turn by displacing enough pieces to do so, allowing you to do massive damage and make battles FAR easier.