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Angel Salvation for iOS and Android: Tricks to get more help points and hero cards

Help points are very important in Angel Salvation. In order to summon more heroes, you need to get help points, but help points are dependent on if your friends pick your leader card in battle. If they don’t, you don’t get help points. So how do you ensure that you can maximize your help points, and how do you get more hero cards in general? Read on for tips on both!

First, you should, of course, add as many friends in the game as you can. The more friends who you have, the more people who can potentially choose your leader card when they go on quests. Each time someone uses your leader card as a reinforcement, you get the help points because your leader helped them out.

So here’s what you do to get picked more often. Look at all of your cards’ maximum levels. Then, set the one with the HIGHEST maximum level (not current level, maximum level) as your leader card. Then go and play quests to earn more standard hero cards to add to your legion.

Then, go to your legion page, and go to “strengthen”, and use all of your excess hero cards (as many as you can) to strengthen ONLY the leader card. You want your leader card to be at some ridiculous level, like level 15. If someone sees a level 15 card available as one of their reinforcements, it is a no brainer. They’re going to pick the strongest card, so you want your card to be the strongest card.

200 help points are the price to summon a new hero, and the heroes that you can summon are better than the ones that you can earn during the quests (except for the daily quests). Nevertheless, play the normal quests (not the daily quests) because they are the easiest to beat, and thus, the easiest to earn more hero cards with.