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Jewel Dragon for iOS: How to get more gems, interact points and coins

In Jewel Dragon for the iPhone and iPod Touch, there are three different types of currencies. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and they can be used to buy anything from rare cards to premium items that restore your energy, or restore your hit points in the middle of battle. Coins are the main currency of the game, and they are mainly used to pay for the enhancements to your cards. Interact points are a third form of currency that can be used to summon new cards using Interact Summons. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these currencies!

The main way to get more gems is to complete all of the quests in one mission. Each mission has three quests that go with it, with one boss battle for that mission after you beat the quests. After you beat the final quest in each mission you will earn a gem bonus. In addition, you can buy gems, or you can earn more gems as part of your daily login bonuses. Use these gems primarily for opening rare gold summons, rather than for buying premium items of any kind. You’ll earn more gems for beating the limited missions than you will for beating the normal missions.

You get interact points whenever either a friend or a random person in the game uses your leader card as their sixth card during a battle. To ensure that you earn the most interact points possible, maximize your amount of friends (since a friend using your card earns you 10 points, but a random person using your card earns you 5 points). Also, maximize the strength of your leader card to the highest degree possible to make sure that more people pick it. Enhance it, evolve it, enhance it again.

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Coins are easy to earn. They are earned every single time that you beat either a mission or a quest, or as login bonuses. In edition, however, you can sell your extra cards for coins. That’s not generally recommended, though, since your extra cards would be better off being used to enhance your current party of cards than as fodder for earning coins.

In addition, if you have a Dark Coin card, sell it, and you will get 5000 coins in return.


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