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Angel Salvation for iOS and Android: How to beat the daily event stages

Daily event stages are some of the toughest stages in Angel Salvation. Just when you think that you have the game down, all of a sudden, you play the daily events. Maybe you beat the first stage just fine, but then when you get to the second stage, all hell breaks loose and you get completely destroyed. There’s ways to win, though. Read on to find out some times to beat the daily event stages and earn the massive bonuses that they give you!

One good thing about the event stages is that in the “match three” puzzle part of the game, one of the usual colors will be missing. You won’t know which color that is until you actually play the stage, but if you have one hero of the wrong color in your team during the first stage, it doesn’t really matter much. The second stage is where it can get insane.

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Before you play the second and third stages, do the following. First, make sure that you have a team of six that are leveled up to their maximum levels, if not evolved into better forms, period. As many of them as possible should be your rare, most powerful card. If you need more monsters to level them up, play the regular stages and beat them to get monsters, or earn a ton of help points. Also, try to get at least one card in there whose special skill is reducing defense (such as the Dark Disciple’s “Amplify Hurt” ability). Make sure that your leader has a leader skill, and that you take advantage as much as possible of it.

Then, once your cards are on point, play the actual quest itself, and keep in mind that you can drag a piece anywhere you want on the board. Move the piece around the board as much as you can before you place it where you want to place it, so that you can make large combos consisting of multiple matches. Displacing a massive amount of pieces makes it FAR more likely that you’ll create a massive amount of combos during the game.

It doesn’t hurt to have a spare 6 diamonds either, in case you need to recover, but in almost every turn that you do, make sure that you include a few white cross piece combos (healing combos) in there too, and to use each character’s special ability as often as absolutely possible, so that you can get more moves in between taking one attack and taking the next attack.

Basically, the more huge combo chains that you can create, the better, so long as you continue to keep up the healing combos when you need to, as well.