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Guide to Little Masters for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

The new monster collecting game, Little Masters, has been taking iPhone and iPod Touch by storm as its cute graphics and addictive battles draw forth memories of classic Pokemon gameplay. That is, the OLD Pokemon, not the new ones with unrecognizable colors and characters. Your goal is to train your monsters, use them to fight other wild monsters, collect and hatch monster eggs, and build up a collection of as many different monsters as you can get. Read on for some tips and tricks for Little Masters!

If you want to get extra coins in the game without having to spend money to do it, and you have already gotten the five bonus coins that you get from the mystic old man for completing the hatching quest, then simply start tracking as many monsters at a time as possible, then when your uncle and the others find them, fight them, win, get their eggs at the end of the battle (happens automatically), hatch them, and then sell them right after hatching them.

To sell, them, of course, tap on the guy in front of the breeding house to check out your active monster list. Tap the one you want to sell, then tap the “menu” button (the one that looks like six dashes) and hit the “sell” button that pops up. For every one that you sell, you will get one extra coin.

When choosing which monster to fight, remember that the type of monster that you pick matters, and can make a huge difference in the battle outcome. Water beats fire, fire beats plant, and plant beats water. Once you start getting to other types such as electric, metal and dark, the rules continue to change and go even deeper.

To get experience for more than one monster, send in a monster, have it do one single attack, and then send in another one. The monster has to pull off an attack or a move in order to get the experience, but if you have a type advantage, then you can pull this off with lower-level monsters, especially if you are facing a higher level enemy monster who uses non-attack moves such as speed boosts.

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