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Guide to Offworld for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Offworld is a new mech battling RPG by 6Waves Lolapps, one of the most prominent publishers of social games today. In this game, you are a crew of bounty hunters, and you start off chasing after Ace Stokes, and then pretty soon you end up realizing that there are much bigger enemies that you have to go for. While it starts off as a fairly easy game, it doesn’t take long until it starts getting tough, so read on for some tips and strategies to help you out in Offworld!

When you are having trouble winning a tough battle, or are not powerful enough to continue ahead of whatever stage of the game you are in, go back to one of the old stages that you have already beaten and start battling again and again. There’s no “energy” or other restrictors keeping you from doing as many battles as you want to, so level grinding works just as well in this game as in any old school RPG.

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Otherwise, make sure that you have the best move upgrades possible and the best strategies. Upgrade your PyroLancer’s secondary weapon (the one that burns the ground or burns a mech continuously) as you earn coins and gain levels. The ones that set the ground on fire are your best bet because if the enemy swaps mechs, it still does damage to the new ones. However, the ones that set the mech itself on fire work against flying weapons too.

Boss characters are known to use their shields a LOT more often than regular enemies do, so equip any attack that breaks through shields (such as the PyroLancer’s Flame Barrage) before facing a boss, to make their own shields work against them.

Multiple mechs have attacks that can lower speeds or defense, so use those to bring a strong opponent down a notch. In addition, if you are facing a guy who uses 3 mechs, send in one of your flying mechs such as the Raptor and have them use a pursuit attack, which does more damage to an opponent who swaps out their guys.