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Golf Star Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Golf Star (also spelled as GolfStar) is a new golfing MMO game for the iPhone and iPad, as well as for other iOS devices. It starts off fairly simple, just like any other golf game for the iPhone and iPad, but the real beauty of the game is that as you continue on, not only can you unlock a ton of different courses and quests to complete, but you can also play against your friends and against other players on Facebook and in the Com2Us network, to see who is really the best golfer. Not only that, but it’s not an easy game to be good at. It’s difficult to get the most accurate shots, therefore it can be tough to win. But read on for some tips and tricks to Golf Star!

One of the best ways to improve your game early on is to use the lucky box, which is fairly inexpensive, and start buying them to see what kind of golf clubs you can pick up. Usually, you’ll pick up the same clubs that you earn during the tutorial; however, the prize is randomized, meaning that there is a good chance of you winning much better clubs. And you can sell the clubs you don’t want and put those coins back to use for more lucky boxes.

Each time that you gain a level you will gain one stat point that you will be able to apply to one of four statistics for your character: Power, impact, control, stamina. While all four of these are very useful, power will best enable you to score excellent scores on par 4 and 5 courses. Enough power and you should eagle those courses with ease.

Before you take your shot, always tap the screen to send the camera upwards so that you can check out the whole course. Then, adjust the angle of your shot as needed. Shooting at the wrong angle can lead to worse scores on stages.

If you have completed all of the missions on the current stage but you still haven’t unlocked the next one, go back to previous stages and look for missions that you haven’t completed, and then complete them. Once you do, you’ll get enough stars to unlock that next stage.

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