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Guide to Mini Golf MatchUp for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Mini Golf MatchUp is a new “Golf With Friends” sort of game for multiple platforms, which takes the tried and true miniature golf game approach, and lets you compete against your friends in a battle to see who can rack up the bigger score. There are multiple ways to get high scores, such as finishing a stage in the fewest shots possible and collecting gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mini Golf MatchUp!

You can unlock new stages in the game by collecting a certain amount of stars. To speed up your star collecting, start as many games against random players as possible, so that you have as many chances to complete quests as possible, with each completed quest being a new star.

Or better yet, if you want to play new stages without unlocking them, start a ton of random games, and keep the ones with people who choose to play advanced stages that you haven’t unlocked yet. This is the perfect opportunity to practice for when you actually unlock them, and thus can take your Facebook friends and other random players by surprise.

Zoom in and out, and tilt your phone sideways, in order to get the best vantage point so that you can try to make the best shots and angle the ball perfectly. Zoom in all the way in the beginning when you are trying to place the ball, but then zoom almost all the way out when you’re about to make your first shot, so that you can pull back as far as possible for more power.

However, when it comes time to putt, do as soft of a shot as possible, because a softer putt will be far more accurate and have an easy time getting in than a speedy putt.