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Guide to Mermaid World for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Mermaid World is a brand new iPhone and iPod game from Crowdstar, the company that brought us Fish With Attitude around a year ago, as well as many “girl” titles for the iOS and Facebook platforms. It’s much of the same concept except instead of tanks with fish you have tanks full of mermaids, up to 5 mermaids per tank, and LOADS of mermaids to choose from and to unlock They can earn you coins, explore for interesting trinkets and decorations, and even call upon other, more rare mermaids. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mermaid World!

In Mermaid World there are two types of mermaids: normal and gilded. Normal mermaids are the ones that you begin the game with, and most of the ones you get without having a completely ecstatic mermaid (ecstatic being all four of the happiness requirements for your mermaids have been fulfilled). Once you have two ecstatic mermaids of the same type, send them into the singing area and have them sing together. Instead of getting a normal mermaid, you will have a chance get one of the rare gilded mermaids.

You will know if your next mermaid to come is normal or gilded by how long it takes to arrive. The longer she takes to arrive and the more pearls it costs to finish early, the more rare she is going to be. You can also mix multiple types of ecstatic mermaids in order to get multi-type gilded mermaids.

Upgrade your treasure chests as early as you can and as often as you can. Although it is a huge expense to do so, having at least two or three level 3 treasure chests early on (and obviously WAY more as you progress forward in the game) will be a huge help when you need to buy more things, such as decorations or mermaids.

Load up each of your tanks with mermaids as quickly as possible even if they are very common and don’t necessarily like each other. Once you are ready to start going for rare or liked mermaids, delete the common ones first.