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Fish With Attitude: How to get ecstatic fish and how to get a three star tank.

In Fish With Attitude, for the iPhone and the iPod touch by Crowdstar Inc, part of the fun is trying to increase the star rating of your tank by making your fish happy. Getting a one star tank involves having four happy fish. Having six happy fish is good for a two star tank. However, in order to get a three star tank, you need six ecstatic fish, and that can be difficult to do. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get ecstatic fish.

Each fish that you have has four things that they need to increase their happiness rating. One of these things is a decor bonus for the tank that they are staying in. Having a 100 percent decor bonus applies to all of the fish in the tank equally. To increase your decor bonus, send your fish on digs to look for more treasures, toys and decor. Certain decor is worth more than others, but if you can rack up enough good decor to increase the bonus to a hundred percent, then the bonus will be applied to all of your fish.

The second thing that each fish needs is their favorite toy. This is individual for each fish in the game so to figure out what toy each fish needs, tap on the tank star rating, tap on each fish, and look at what their favorite toy is. Once you have that memorized either bring the toy over from another tank if possible, or if you don’t have it in any tanks, send your fish on digs to find more toys.

The next two things, which are also individualized for each fish, are the fish they like and the fish they dislike. This one is simple enough to fulfill. Simply put the fish that each fish likes in the tank and make sure that no fish are in the tank that any other fish dislike. The execution is much more difficult, though, and involves having to move fish from tank to tank until you have all of the matches perfect. But that is the final step to having six ecstatic fish!


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