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Fishy Bits 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fishy Bits 2 is the sequel to the iOS and Android game Fishy Bits which is a new spin on the old Newgrounds flash game “Fishy”. Like that game, your goal here is to eat the smaller fish and avoid the bigger fish; in this case, to do that and earn as high of a score as possible. You can upgrade your fish using coins, as well as hatch eggs for new fish and figure out new ways to earn coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fishy Bits 2!

At first, you can only eat the smallest fish. Once you hit level two, you’ll be able to eat the next size up, and so on and so forth, but when you’re bigger, your life bar drains faster. This makes it important to eat as quickly as you can, both to level up more quickly and to stay alive when you’re bigger.

As you collect points, you’ll fill the point bar, and when the point bar is done filling up, you’ll earn a new fish egg. You can then hatch it by simply waiting it out for however long the game tells you. Rare eggs will take longer to hatch, and more common eggs will hatch more quickly. The egg timer will run down offline as well as online.

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Go to the tank portion of the menu, because this is where a coin tank will fill up on its own. Initially, the tank will be able to earn you up to 500 coins; you can collect them at any time, and when you do collect them, you’ll be able to watch an ad video in exchange for doubling your collection immediately. The video offer will pop up, asking you to watch it or simply collect, whenever you have an internet connection.

You can feed your fish to upgrade them to the next level. Each fish has three boosts. The first one is a speed boost. The second one will increase the maximum health of the fish by 5%. The third one will double the amount of “eggsperience” you earn from each fish that you eat using that specific fish. Each fish has to be upgraded separately.

Once you get up to evolution level three and above, you’ll be able to eat more than just fish. You can eat octopi and squids; even though they look larger than your fish. they are actually the same size, making them edible. The tail doesn’t count toward their size.