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11 Tips and Strategies To Help You Rule The Seas, Unlock Fish Evolutions, Earn Trophies, and Score Sea Shells is the latest of the “eat the smaller thing, avoid the bigger thing” games spawned after the rise of, but this one goes far deeper than just one play at a time. You can unlock new fish and their evolutions, earn coins and sea shells (even free ones), and race to eat the most fish in the two minutes given. Read on for some tips, cheats and tricks for!

1: Eating food is the primary way to grow until you get big enough to eat a larger number of fish. If you want to grow larger, quicker, go for the dark-colored dots. The light-colored dots are worth three points apiece, while the dark-colored dots are worth six points apiece.

2: For the purposes of scoring in a round, your grade is based not on your size or the size of the fish that you eat, but on the number of fish that you eat, whether they are big or small. So go for whatever fish are the easiest for you to get to, regardless of size. Larger fish will give you more size but are still only worth the same.

3: Each fish has their own special ability, so instead of the piranha’s pooping, you will end up with something completely different if you are using a puffer, jellyfish or a sea turtle, for example. Experiment to figure out the best ways to use each of the individual skills. Also remember that the skills will change and improve as you keep playing the game.

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4: Free shells are easy to come by in this game. Complete the quests and the tasks to earn free sea shells, in addition to the free coins that you earn from them, too. Unlocking fish bowls is a way to earn shells – the rarer the bowls, the more likely there is to be shells and the more shells there will be each time that you earn them. Plus, the “Free” button in the top left corner of the screen will give you rewards for completing offers or watching videos.

5: Make generous use of the splitting skill in order to eat more food and smaller fish. You can even split from 2 fish into 4 fish if you want. Just be careful because if one or more of the fish gets eaten (but not all of them), then that’s size that you lose. If you have one fish and it gets eaten, you’ll respawn back at that same size.

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