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11 Tips and Strategies To Help You Rule The Seas, Unlock Fish Evolutions, Earn Trophies, and Score Sea Shells (Page 2)

6: Some fish can only evolve into one form. However, some fish can evolve into a total of two forms. You’ll need to individually unlock each of these evolutionary forms, though, before you can reap the benefits of unlocking all three forms of one fish. Always have fish bowls unlocking so that you can max out the evolution items and evolve fish faster.

7: New fish are unlocked in the same manner as new evolutions are; with evolutionary items. Always be sure to check the shop, as there are daily deals in which you can buy evolution items in exchange for coins. Each day that passes, the shop refreshes, so check back to see what new items show up in the shop.

8: Join the tournaments whenever they are open to join. Compete in them and you can earn huge rewards, which can include coins, evolution parts, rare fishbowls and more. Once you join a tournament, participate in it as often as you possibly can in order to maximize your possible standing at the end of the tournament.

9: If you know some people that are fans of this type of game, send them an invite on Facebook. Each invite that you send is worth 5 coins, while each friend who joins the game and plays it will earn you 10 sea shells. Sea shells are obviously the more valuable of the two currencies, so only hit up the friends who you think will like this type of game.

10: Once you unlock the evolutions, stay away from the mines as they will become dangerous when you evolve. If you are chasing another evolved fish though, use the mines to your advantage and try to run them into the mines, or box them in so that their only choices are either the mines or being eaten by you.

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11: The more trophies that you earn, the more difficult the competition will be. Throw a bunch of contests as each bad finish causes you to lose trophies, so if you get knocked down by a rank or two, you’ll run into some easier enemies. Be sure to work on gaining experience levels as each level gained gives your fish a global performance boost.

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