Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 67-72)

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67: Ringmaster – Staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Make the first incision. Chainsaw out the ribs then pull each of the three of them out, and replace them one at a time. Attach with the lighter and gel and vacuum any left over blood. Cut in again. Pull out the nails then staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Do the same thing on the next screen. When you get to the knee, chainsaw it out and remove with the tongs, put the new one in, use the lighter and gel to attach it. Close the incision and you’re done.

68: Mileena – Make an incision. Kill the snakes by zapping them with the battery and then chainsawing them until the “Nice!” pops up, three times apiece. Then pull them out and use the pizza cutter to cut the infection out until gray bubbles appear. Vacuum the bubbles and blood, staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Make another incision. Suck out the poison with the red syringe. Then deal with the snakes, infections, blood and cuts as before. Make another incision. Zap the three snakes but chainsaw two of them because you won’t have time to get all three before one of them comes back around. Then kill the other snake last. Pull out the claws. Deal with the cuts, poison, infections and blood as before. Then close all three of the incisions.

69: Man Eating Chicken – Make an incision, then another incision, then cut out the four objects. Then back up one, pull out the four objects and staple, cauterize and gel all five cuts, then vacuum the blood. Make another incision, then pull out all the objects and deal with the cuts. Make another incision, then pull out all of the chicken drumsticks. Cut in with the pizza cutter near the top and bottom of the left opening where the chicken was, at the top part of the large intestine underneath the heartbeat counter, and on the left side of the small intestine, to reveal a total of four more hidden objects, pull them out and deal with the cuts and blood. Staple, cauterize and gel all incisions.

70: The Bearded Dragon Lady – Gel all of the burns then make an incision. Chainsaw out one of the fire tanks, then remove it with tongs, put the new one in, and attach it with the lighter and gel. Repeat with the second fire tank then vacuum up the blood. Close the incision and make another incision then remove and replace the object in there in the same manner. Close that incision, open the third one and do the same thing. Then when you get to her mouth chainsaw the old beard off and into three pieces and remove them. Place the new one on her face and attach it with the lighter and gel.

71: Elefant Boy – Pull the peanuts out with the tongs and vacuum the blood. Staple and cauterize the cuts, then gel the cuts and the burn marks. On the next screen make an incision. Remove the peanuts, acorns and other nuts, then close the incision. The small peanuts and acorns can be either vacuumed or pulled with tongs. Make the second incision and do the same thing, and staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Make two more incisions and once inside, do the same thing as above.

72: The Marvelous Manfredd – Make an incision. Use the lighter to make the ticks fly, then zap them with the car battery. Remove them with the tongs and gel any burns. Close the incision. Make a second incision and do the same thing. Make a third incision, do the same thing, then staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Close the final incision.

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