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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 55-60)

55: Monster – Make an incision. Cut off the clamps with the pizza cutter and remove them with the tongs. Chainsaw the arm in half and remove it. Vacuum blood spots. Repeat in the second incision but remove the calculator with the tongs first. In the third incision chainsaw the chest implement out, then into pieces, then remove the pieces and vacuum the blood. In the fourth incision, cut the leg clamps with the pizza cutter, chainsaw the legs off, remove legs and torso with the tongs and vacuum blood. In the fifth incision, chainsaw the brain and the two partial monster heads out and remove them with the tongs. Close the last incision.

56: Monster part 2 – use the tongs to place the pieces in the right areas. Work from the head down to the torso, arms and legs. Once done, use the lighter and gel to secure them. Make an incision. Staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Remove and replace the lungs one at a time, then vacuum the blood. Close the incision. Then cut in again. Do the same as above but with the heart. Close the final incision.

57: Bug Bite Mike – make an incision. Zap the big three times with the car battery then remove it with the tongs. In between zaps vacuum the fire while stapling and cauterizing the cuts and applying gel to the cuts and burns. Chainsaw out the vertebrae and pull them out. Replace them with the new vertebrae then cauterize and gel them. Vacuum the blood. Close the first incision then cut in again. Do the same as above. Close the second incision.

58: Tammy Gracefuls – Pull out the stakes and suck out the poison with the red syringe. Zap the snake with the car battery and chainsaw it. repeat two more times then pull the snake out with the tongs. Cut out the infection where the snake used to be with the pizza cutter. Staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Make an incision. Kill the two snakes and deal with the infections. Chainsaw the liver out and pull it with the tongs, then place the new one and secure it with a lighter and gel. Pull the stakes and suck out the poison. Vacuum the blood. Ignore the cuts because the game will zoom back out before you can deal with them and close the incision.

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59: Sweetmeats Pete: pull the fish out, vacuum the blood. Staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Do the same on the next screen. Chainsaw the leg fragment off and attach the new leg. Attach the two clamps and close them by swiping clounterclockwise. Cauterize and gel the arteries. Use the tongs to maneuver the bones until they attach. Cauterize and gel the bones in. Attach the new leg the same way. Do the same as above on the second leg.

60: Deceased Keith – zap the frog with the battery and burn it with the lighter when its running around. Repeat three times total. Suck out the poison with the red syringe. Make two incisions and kill the other frogs and suck out the poison the same way. Pull out the arrows in the reverse direction that they are pointing. Staple, cauterize and heal the cuts. Back at the liver, chainsaw it out and pull it out and put the new one in then secure it with the lighter and gel. Vacuum the blood, deal with any cuts and close the incision.

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