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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 49-54)

49: Princess Starla – make an incision then use the lighter to burn the large bubbles until they catch on fire. Vacuum the fire. Close the incision and use the green injector to enhance the size of her lips. Then make another one. Cut out the top of the little bone with the chainsaw, put the new one in with the tongs, then seal it in with the lighter and gel. Vacuum the blood. Close the incision. Burn off the unibrow with the lighter. Vacuum the fire and you’re done.

50: Chewtoy Chuck – take the pizza cutter and find the two teeth hidden in the skin. Pull all teeth out, then staple, cauterize and gel all the cuts. One will be in the middle right and one will be low and slightly to the left on the screen. The next two screens will be exactly the same. On the next screen the hidden tooth will be in kneecap, and on the third the hidden tooth will be in the lower right buttocks.

51: Jimmy the Spider – Make an incision, then another one. kill the flies with the car battery, then vacuum the fires and pick up the bubble. Close the incision and make another one and do the same thing. Close all incisions:

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52: Peeping Tom – Zap an eyelid open with the car battery. Cut into the eye. Burn the bubbles away, vacuum the fire and gel the burns. Chainsaw out the vain. Pull it out with the tongs. Put in the chip and attach it with the lighter and gel. Open the other eye and do the same thing.

53: The Aide – cut in and take out the organ with a chainsaw and tongs. Put the new one in with the tongs and use the lighter and gel on it. Do the same with the second incision. After doing the third and fourth incisions (inside the heart), blow up the bombs with the lighter, vacuum the fire, gel the burns, and suck out the green slime with the red syringe. Close the incisions.

54: Dwayne Pipe – cauterize and gel the cuts. Make an incision then staple, cauterize and heal again. Make another incision. Kill the ants then close the cuts. The screen will warble and a huge worm will pop up. Chainsaw it to stun it, then use the red syringe to make it disappear. Do this three times then suck up the poison and zap the bugs with the car battery. Staple, cauterize and heal all wounds and incisions.

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