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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 73-78)

73: Tricks the Psycho Man – you will need a heavily upgraded red syringe for this, at least level 7. Make an incision. Cut the boils with the pizza cutter, suck out the poison with the red syringe and staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Close the incision. Make the second incision and deal with the infections first by cutting them out and vacuuming the leftovers. Cut the boils again. Suck out the poison and deal with the cuts. Make the third incision and chainsaw a lung out, remove it with the tongs, put the new lung in, then attach it with the lighter and gel. Repeat with the other lung. Vacuum the blood and gel the burns. Make the fourth incision and deal with the boils, poison and cuts. Close the fourth incision.

74: The Brain in the Jar – Make an incision, then once inside, make the two incisions and use the pliers to insert the communication apparatus. Staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Close that incision, then make the incision, and once inside make four more incisions. Insert the communication apparatuses and staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Make the third incision and chainsaw out part of the brain, then remove it with the tongs. Insert the machine, then color match the red and white plugs, insert the electric clamp using the tongs, then place the screw at the top of the machine and vacuum the blood.

75: The Ringmaster – Use the lighter to make the ticks fly, kill them with the car battery, and remove them with the tongs. Pull the nails out of the sides of his skull and then remove the top of it using tongs. Once inside the brain, kill the small ticks. Chainsaw the big tick out, burn it with the lighter to stop it and then shock it with the car battery. Repeat two more times until it’s dead, then pull it out using tongs. Chainsaw the brain out, pull it with the tongs, put the new brain in, attach it with the lighter and gel, then vacuum the blood. Place the skull top back on top using the tongs. Attach the skull with the lighter and gel.

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76: Hubris – Make an incision. Kill the scorpion with the chainsaw, and the ants and spider with the car battery. Vacuum the scorpion bits and remove the spider with the tongs. Vacuum any leftover blood. Close that incision and make another one. Kill the slugs with the car battery. You’ll need to zap the fire slugs three times each. Staple, cauterize and gel the various cuts that pop up, and vacuum fire as needed. Make a third incision and get the tick out with the lighter, then kill all of the jumping bugs and the tick with the car battery. Remove them with the tongs. Cauterize and gel the cuts, then close up the incision.

77: Ignacious Bleed II – Make note of your tools, as they look different but perform the same, because you are playing as Hubris in this round. Make an incision. Then burn the green bug with the lighter until it flashes. Remove and replace the left kidney and clean up the blood. Close the incision and make another one. Kill this blue bug with the car battery, then melt the ice with the lighter. Remove and replace the liver and clean up blood and cuts. Close that incision and make a third incision. Kill the red bug with the chainsaw. Remove and replace the lungs and clean up the blood and cuts. Make the fourth incision. Watch the bug’s color. If it’s bright green, use the gel. Dull green requires the lighter, blue requires the car battery and red requires the chainsaw. Kill it and remove it with the tongs, then deal with all of the cuts and ice, vacuum as needed, and close the incision.

78: Trent: Pull out the big piece of shrapnel, then cut out the infections, chainsaw the scorpion to death and vacuum the leftovers. Staple, cauterize and gel the cuts then make an incision. Once in, cut in with the pizza cutter smack in the middle of the screen to reveal a scorpion nest. Zap it with the car battery three times to get rid of it, then chainsaw and vacuum all of the scorpions. Zap all of the ants with the battery. Clean up any mess that you leave behind. Close the incision after that.

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