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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 37-42)

37: Valerie Pipsqueak – chainsaw around the head, then chainsaw an X through the head and pull off all four pieces. Pull out the shrapnel, vacuum the blood and staple, cauterize and gel the cuts. Chainsaw the brain in half and pull the right half off. Use the lighter to burn the black coal and use the pizza cutter to slice out the black smoke. Vacuum the black goo and cauterize and gel the cuts. Put the right brain back and attach it with the gel and lighter. Put the head back and do the same thing.

38: Edgar Stubbington III – make an incision, then make a second incision inside. Implant the growth hormone using the tongs, then staple, cauterize and gel the cut. Repeat until you finish the stage. Do this as quickly as possible and/or use Procrastibot to add time.

39: Donny Debonair – make an incision. Chainsaw the old kidney out, then remove it with the tongs and put the gold kidney in. Attach it with the lighter and gel and close the incision. Make another incision and chainsaw the ribcage off and pull it with the tongs. Chainsaw out the piece of skin and pull with tongs. Attach the PIMP plate and fasten it with the lighter and gel. Do the same with the gold ribs. Vacuum all blood as needed throughout. Close the final incision.

40: Stinkin’ Joe Garbage – staple the big cuts and cauterize and gel all of the cuts, then make an incision. Use the lighter and gel as you get the chance while waiting for the worm to pop up. When it does zap it with the battery. After three zaps it will stop appearing. Cauterize and gel the cuts. When back at the top staple, cauterize and gel as needed then make another incision, then make an incision into the heart. Hit the worm three times again, cauterizing and gelling while you wait. After the third zap cut into the lower left side close to the middle of the screen and the dead worm will pop up. Remove with tongs, vacuum blood, staple, cauterize and gel the cut. Do the same to the two incisions and you’re done.

41: Bug-Eater Peter – make two incisions. Pull the coin out of the one cut, then staple, cauterize and gel the cuts to keep the heart rate from dropping two fasts. Slice the spider eggs with the pizza cutter. Cut out the gray goo with the pizza cutter – three short swipes for each gray smoke spot. Do three or four at a time to keep the heart rate from dropping too quickly. Vacuum the gray goo drops. Cauterize and gel the cuts. Once done, close the two incisions.

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42: Karl Puccino – make an incision then find the coffee packets with the scanner and cut them out with the pizza cutter. There are two in the lower to middle half of the right lung and one in the lower middle part of the left lung. Pull all three out, then take the cutter and cut the smoke out of three of the cuts. Three cuts per smoke. Vacuum the gray goo and blood. Cut the other three smokes out and vacuum. Staple the round coffee packet cuts then cauterize and apply gel. Close the incision.

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