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How to play Fish With Attitude: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the unofficial beginner’s guide to Fish With Attitude! This addicting new iPhone game allows you to own your own virtual aquarium, complete with all kinds of fun fantasy fish with personalities all their own. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Fish With Attitude!

You start off the game with just two tanks. One of them is the regular tank where you store your fish, and the other one is the breeding tank, where you send fish to breed. Your tank also includes a treasure chest, which your fish drop coins in from time to time.

Your starter fish are the nice fish and the mean fish. Both of them can be purchased immediately in the store using coins, which are your primary currency in this game. More on that later.

When you first breed the nice fish and the mean fish, they will give you an egg for a brave fish. Fish take a certain amount of time to breed and then when the egg pops out, the fish return from the breeding tank to the main tank, and another pair of fish can then be sent to the breeding tank to make an egg of their very own. The rarer the fish that is inside the egg, the longer it takes both to breed the fish and to hatch the egg.

Once the fish hatches, it will pop out as a baby fish. After a set amount of time, an exclamation point bubble will pop up above the baby fish, and then when you tap it, it will grow into an adult fish. Adult fish are the only ones that can go into the breeding tank.

Every so often your fish will need to be fed, and you’ll know when that time is by when the “feed” button pops up on the screen. Tap the feed button and a bit of fish food will automatically fall down, which the hungry fish will then eat. After all of your fish in the tank are fed, the button will disappear until they get hungry again.

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