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Mutant Roadkill iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Mutant Roadkill is a new endless running (or more accurately, endless driving) game for the iPhone and the iPod touch by Glu Games Inc. this game will be somewhat familiar to anyone who has played Zombie Highway as it is similar in style, but far more advanced as far as the gameplay goes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mutant Roadkill!

Compared to other endless running games, there are some idiosyncrasies in the controls because you are not running, but are driving instead. When you are making a turn, swipe the screen before you get to the turn, rather than when you are right inside the intersection. The car has to slide around corners, so it needs some time to do just that.

Also, at first it seems like the car will barely turn when you tilt the phone or iPod to turn it. All that needs to happen is for the device to be tilted more, though, compared to other running games, for a quick right turn through and around obstacles to be completed successfully.

The best of the power ups that you can spend your coins on is the handgun. The gun lasts longer than the turret or any of the others, and it only gets used when a mutant jumps on your vehicle. Otherwise it is completely inactive, and it won’t run out while it is not being used.

Try to hit as many mutants and land the biggest combos of mutants that you can hit, though. The bigger the combo of mutants that you hit, the quicker your power up bar will fill up, which will lead to you getting free handguns, gun turrets and other power ups much more often. These free power ups are your best bet for driving for very long distances in this game.